One of our projects

Essene Hermitage

In continuation of our works, we ask for your generosity to build an Essene accommodation center. This establishment will include sixty rooms, a large community hall, a beautiful garden and a library containing all the secrets of the Essene tradition.


We want to provide, along with the Essenia Foundation, a living and breathing space for all those who, in all countries of the world, recognize themselves as beings of the Essene wisdom, beyond all spiritualities, cultures, nations and lifestyles.

We are counting on you to support our current project to improve life on earth for the kingdoms of creation: minerals, plants, animals, men. . .

Please give generously

A new era is arriving on earth. Are you consciously participating?

We would like to thank all the donors who participated in the development of our villages around the world. Thanks to your donations, thousands of people come every year to energize and participate in events and activities. Therefore, you have helped to improve the lives of many beings on earth.