Our values

A New Art of Living


We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We recognize that every individual has the freedom of thought, worship and religion.


We encourage all humanitarian, educational and environmental initiatives that contribute to the dignity of all living beings.


We teach respect for all living beings, all cultures and traditions. It promotes democracy and secularism. We reject anti-Semitism and oppression of minorities of any kind.


We defend the values ​​of the couple and the family, mutual and intergenerational support, the transmission of knowledge, respect and solidarity.


We condemn any form of fanaticism and violence, the oppression of minorities, whether ethnic, religious or political.


We do not wish to change the world. We consider that every point of view has the right to exist and we do not try to impose our way of thinking.


We encourage all beings to live together with respect, in harmony with the earth, in mutual help and mutual support.


We actively work to care for all that is precious and sacred on earth.


We do not reject new technologies but we insist on vigilance and the search for balance for the good of all beings.


We work to preserve the Common Good, everything that touches and animates the soul of all beings in universality.