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A New Era Is Arriving on Earth
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About us


Every day, children die in armed conflicts, animal species disappear, forests are destroyed, air becomes stale, the elderly die in isolation, values such as respect, sacredness and responsibility no longer have meaning, the wisdom of the ancients disappears.

On the morning of a new era, a world without soul is being born. Hundreds of brave activists are struggling to stop the consequences of this global ecological disaster. But the earth is sick from man because he lives unconsciously, cut off from his soul, his wisdom. Man denatures nature instead of taking care of it. He is simply cutting off the branch on which he sits, destroying the earth that gives him life.

600 years before Christ, the Essenes, also called healers, fathers of modern ecology, warned men against pollution when it had not yet touched the earth. They spoke of the pollution of one’s thoughts, feelings and soul.

Today, the Essene Foundation, an international charitable organization, stands up to preserve this ancient universal wisdom and to put it into action for a new ecology and a new way of living on earth.

Testimony of the President of the Foundation

For 30 years, my professional activity has brought me to meet thousands of men and women from different backgrounds, including professionals and business people. I observed that these people had more and more questions, looking for answers and solutions regarding the deeper meaning of their life, a place to recharge their batteries. I continued my fast-paced life with my company, but in 1997, after a hard test, it was my turn to question myself. I was looking for answers to my life. Why am I on earth? There must be something I missed, something I did not understand. Where do all these conflicts come from?

The lifestyle in which we all live leads us to think about our financial, physical and material health, but we forget our inner health.  I consciously decided to change my way of living. After four years of research at several spiritual centers, I came to question certain aspects of life:  Where do all these religions come from? What is the primary source of their wisdom?

This quest led me to discover the “Essene Art of Living.”

I saw that through simple methods, applied in our daily lives, we can find serenity, conditions to attract favorable changes in our life, such as beautiful thoughts and noble feelings.

I found something that can only be grasped through an inner experience.  I would like to share this experience with you.

The fundraising campaign is launching a call to all those for whom a project like ours is important. This project is the creation of the Essene villages, living environments, where another future is possible: “To be born, live and die with dignity.”

With your help, we will be able to develop a project to leave a legacy for our children and give us the satisfaction of being active for a better world. If my approach touches you, I will be happy to meet you.

Pier Antoine Marier
To contact me:
Office: 1-819-875-5252
Cell: 1-514-910-5252

“Our success will be yours.  Together for a better world”

Mission and objective

Restoring Life to a Thousand-year-old Tradition

The Essenia Foundation brings a breath of freshness, love, healing, and blessing to humanity, because another way of being in the world is possible in harmony with man and nature. Today, this ancient way of life is reborn from its ashes to revive this ancestral movement and restore dignity to all beings.


To open the doors to all those who want to discover the path of Light in the world and to collect offerings to support the global projects of the Essene Nation.


To make known, to spread, to awaken a new universal religion with love, enthusiasm, joy, wisdom, truth, in a pure, simple and accessible communication to all and to preserve nature and life in all their manifestations.

The Choice Is Yours

We are launching a fundraising campaign to accomplish this mission, this global work. Many countries are ready to build these sacred spaces where the whole family is taken into account, where harmony reigns, where the sweetness of life and the respect of generations appear, where we can all (children, teens, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents) live together.

Participate in the Mission

At the dawn of the unanimous adoption of artificial intelligence, the Essenes come to offer an alternative intelligence. This intelligence is not new; however, it now takes on a new body of manifestation. For the Essenes, man is the instrument of many intelligences. He chooses the intelligence he wants to live with. His choice will determine his way of living, the path he will take and the truth that will shape his future.

A Choice Between 2 Ways of Life

We can all understand the automation of certain repetitive tasks, cyclical redundancies and the need for comfort in order to live on the land in the most enjoyable way possible. But the intelligence that automates this life must not become the governing mind that controls our work, health, family, and money. The subtlety of choice does not lie in a fight against artificial intelligence, but in a choice between two ways of living: a life entirely controlled by an artificial intelligence, or a life with the great and dignified universal intelligence.

Our values

A New Art of Living


We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We recognize that every individual has the freedom of thought, worship and religion.


We encourage all humanitarian, educational and environmental initiatives that contribute to the dignity of all living beings.


We teach respect for all living beings, all cultures and traditions. It promotes democracy and secularism. We reject anti-Semitism and oppression of minorities of any kind.


We defend the values ​​of the couple and the family, mutual and intergenerational support, the transmission of knowledge, respect and solidarity.


We condemn any form of fanaticism and violence, the oppression of minorities, whether ethnic, religious or political.


We do not wish to change the world. We consider that every point of view has the right to exist and we do not try to impose our way of thinking.


We encourage all beings to live together with respect, in harmony with the earth, in mutual help and mutual support.


We actively work to care for all that is precious and sacred on earth.


We do not reject new technologies but we insist on vigilance and the search for balance for the good of all beings.


We work to preserve the Common Good, everything that touches and animates the soul of all beings in universality.


Places of worship and meditation
Places of healing for the soul
Places of harmony with Mother Earth
Places of retirement, self-discovery
Study places
Other vision, other food
Respect of childhood
Respect of language and life
Salvage of a sacred memory

The Essene villages are created around the world for man to live, work, evolve in a living environment based on authentic values that will become obvious to him.

Thank you to all the donors who made the development of our villages around the world possible.


One of our projects

Essene Hermitage

In continuation of our works, we ask for your generosity to build an Essene accommodation center. This establishment will include sixty rooms, a large community hall, a beautiful garden and a library containing all the secrets of the Essene tradition.


We want to provide, along with the Essenia Foundation, a living and breathing space for all those who, in all countries of the world, recognize themselves as beings of the Essene wisdom, beyond all spiritualities, cultures, nations and lifestyles.

We are counting on you to support our current project to improve life on earth for the kingdoms of creation: minerals, plants, animals, men. . .

Please give generously

A new era is arriving on earth. Are you consciously participating?

We would like to thank all the donors who participated in the development of our villages around the world. Thanks to your donations, thousands of people come every year to energize and participate in events and activities. Therefore, you have helped to improve the lives of many beings on earth.


I support the project “Essene Hermitage”

Thank you to all the donors who made the development of our villages around the world possible.
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The Essenia Foundation, a non-profit organization, a charitable organization. Its mission is to provide the Christian Essene Church with the means to realize educational structures for a new humanity.
Charity Foundation Number of the Essenia Foundation: 85993 0364 RR0001

Do not hesitate to contact us :

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