Mission and objective

Restoring Life to a Thousand-year-old Tradition

The Essenia Foundation brings a breath of freshness, love, healing, and blessing to humanity, because another way of being in the world is possible in harmony with man and nature. Today, this ancient way of life is reborn from its ashes to revive this ancestral movement and restore dignity to all beings.


To open the doors to all those who want to discover the path of Light in the world and to collect offerings to support the global projects of the Essene Nation.


To make known, to spread, to awaken a new universal religion with love, enthusiasm, joy, wisdom, truth, in a pure, simple and accessible communication to all and to preserve nature and life in all their manifestations.

The Choice Is Yours

We are launching a fundraising campaign to accomplish this mission, this global work. Many countries are ready to build these sacred spaces where the whole family is taken into account, where harmony reigns, where the sweetness of life and the respect of generations appear, where we can all (children, teens, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents) live together.

Participate in the Mission

At the dawn of the unanimous adoption of artificial intelligence, the Essenes come to offer an alternative intelligence. This intelligence is not new; however, it now takes on a new body of manifestation. For the Essenes, man is the instrument of many intelligences. He chooses the intelligence he wants to live with. His choice will determine his way of living, the path he will take and the truth that will shape his future.

A Choice Between 2 Ways of Life

We can all understand the automation of certain repetitive tasks, cyclical redundancies and the need for comfort in order to live on the land in the most enjoyable way possible. But the intelligence that automates this life must not become the governing mind that controls our work, health, family, and money. The subtlety of choice does not lie in a fight against artificial intelligence, but in a choice between two ways of living: a life entirely controlled by an artificial intelligence, or a life with the great and dignified universal intelligence.